Saturday, 18 December 2010

Princess Garden Party

I TOOK THESE SO LONG AGO, oh my days//// maybe 2008??
Digital btw, Pentax K-M. 
From this shoot, I prefer my shots in colour, they're so vivid and glorious and saturated... So I'll get em up soon, next post probably.
Sparse times on this blog, ahh sheeeet! Will. Post. More. I will. I mainly haven't been taking as many photos as I used to, and don't reeeally have anything new to post up so... Anyway I've been taking lots of film recently, so I guess keep your eyes peeled. Found a wicked Canon camera for £1 from a local charity shop the other day! Rarr, I'm gonna go now and decorate our christmas tree.


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Bwwoii ✔

Oh man, I have been seriously SHITE at uploading photos recently... This page is looking so neglected! But things are pretty mad at the moment (I've just moved to Brighton and started at Uni) so updates on here will probably be quite sporadic for the time being. However I shall endeavor to use this blog more often.
My best boy came to stay last week which was fuckin' BARE GOOD ^-^
I took some photos of him for a job application form he was doing, of which this is one. Obviously he didn't use this edited version, I'm not sure how well a moody black and white portrait would go down on a potential employer...
Anyway, expect some shots of Brighton SHORTLY. I am mainly using digital at the moment as I just can't afford film, and there are no darkrooms to use anyway...

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Cardiff ❖ August 2009

35mm colour film taken on a Halina Paulette Electric. . . Patrick bought this camera for me from the Newton Abbot recycling centre for £2 :) I love it's pictures when I get the focus right. . . it has one of those focusing dials where you have to guess how far away your subject is, and it's fair to say I'm pretty shit at judging distance! So my pics off this camera are usually always a little bit blurry. But uuhh, I kinda like them anyway. The colours are just beaut.

These were taken when Jacqueline, Beth and I went on a day trip to Cardiff last summer. We went shopping and had a coffee picnic and got some dinner and laughed at the Welsh signs everywhere and got hilariously drunk; good times!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Tea & Cake

Almost a year ago at Harry's house :) He baked a cake.
Special appearances made here by Cobweb the cat, and the tortoise, who's name I have forgotten.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Big Chill 2010 ❤❀✰

Wonderful weekend at this year's Big Chill.
My boyfriend took some of these pictures but I shall steal them for now and post them up cos I think they're great :)
Anyway. We got home today, so I'm pretty fucked up right now and really need some sleep; cannot wait for my large double matteress and nice room... And waking up tomorrow morning, not dying of heat exhaustion and getting all caught up in soggy tent flaps and grovelling around on the floor trying to get clean with baby wipes.
Man. Quite in need of a festival fast now.... Been to 5 this year already! Now it's really time to save some money, eeeeesh.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sunshine; Sunglasses; Smiles

Alexa, a very old friend of mine, being all cute and lovely last summer.
This was one of our last days at college I believe?? I used these pictures in my Photography final piece anyway... all processed and printed by hand ooobviously. No idea what the film is. Probably Ilford 100, I ordered a huge amount in bulk cos I love it so much...
Anyway, these copies I've uploaded here aren't very good quality as they're photographs of the photographs - the originals are pretty massive and won't fit on our scanner.
They always make me smile :)