Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Sorry, this post is pretty self-indulgent - literally MADE these epic creations very recently for two birthday people, obviously needed some photographic evidence...
Top one was for my boyfriend's birthday - recipe by Nigella Lawson here. Dahling, mmm - could probably induce a seizure from the amount of sugar, chocolate, butter, cream, eggs, cream, chocolate, butter and chocolate in that thing - it's currently in the freezer cos we couldn't handle all of it, beaten by a pudding! Never thought I'd see the day. Keep calm though, things have improved - it's evolved slightly and now makes a damn incredible piece of ice cream brownie cake, woohoo.
Anyway, bottom one was a chocolate orange cake for my Granny's 80th :) Another Nigella recipe actually, but she completely doesn't care for cutting out any of the good stuff, so y'know... Not exactly healthy, but properly delicious. That's really all you need out of a birthday cake :)

Monday, 17 May 2010

Glittery Jacqueline

I was using digital for this, but have some filmo shots too... I'm really really proud of the film shots but I printed them up pretty big, so they won't fit onto our scanner to upload them onto the comp! However gonna try my best taking photos of the photos. Fingers Crossed. Anyway- I had a lot to say- being hurried off the computer though. NEXT TIME. But I hope you like these. The glitter and sequins were fun :) This wasn't a very professional shoot I have to say... Struggled with the lighting - ended up using my bedside lamp and a candle??! Hot wax = everywhere.